e Wants To Change The Meaning Of Sexy

Both are physically stunning, they both produce a warm and inviting energy, and they both give off a good feeling that you like to pocket and carry around with you forever.

Which is probably why Pepsi made Mone its featured artist for its global 2014 futbol campaign entitled Now is What You Make It. Mone covered David Bowie popular song Heroes for the campaign.

The eclectic singer said she never played organized soccer, but she does have an appreciation for it, and compares what she does in music to sports, since both center around teamwork.

wasn on a team, but I do value soccer, and sports in general, because it deals with teamwork, said Mone.

have my own label, I have my own band, and we a team, and in order for me to succeed I have to work with other people. I love sharing my experiences and my successes with so many people. I see it in soccer players, how we can all work together to reach a goal and make each other happy once that goal is reached. A black pantsuit with a white shirt, and she hardly ever shows any skin.

In past interviews Mone says she sticks with this look because she wants people to focus on her music, not her appearance. But she doesn want to judge anyone, she just wants girls to find other ways to be sexy besides taking their clothes off.

not qualified to judge anyone, said the singer, after a reporter asked her if people appreciate a woman looks over her artistic output.

we in control of our bodies? Are we trying to make money and bring attention using our bodies? What types of things can we do to promote more or less misogyny, or less sexism? How can we really fight against those stereotypes and those shackles that men and women have placed on us? can we do to help the next generation of young girls? Mone continued asking. can we redefine what it means to be sexy? want to fight against sexism and to help nurture the female and the female body. via Wikimedia Commons

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How to Iron a Shirt

If you do not know how to iron a shirt properly, you will end up with burn marks on it. Therefore, let us start this Buzzle article with the preparation work needed for ironing your shirt. First of all, check out the label of the shirt, which will give you information about the type of clothing material it is made of. This label also carries instructions regarding the temperature to set the iron at so that you do not damage the garment.

Set up the ironing board in a clean area and the lay the shirt on it, with the chest side facing up. If the shirt is buttoned up, you will need to unbutton it. In case the shirt has wrinkled up after the wash, dampen it with some water before you iron it. If you are using a steam iron, then, you need to fill it up with distilled water to its maximum limit, and set the temperature level of the iron as recommend on the shirt label. Wait for a minute or two before you start doing the ironing. Start from the tip of the collar and move the iron inwards. Then turn it over and iron the other side in the same manner. You should take one shoulder at a time. Slide the shirt to the narrow end of the ironing board and place it with the inside face of the yoke up and iron it. You may have to move the iron on this area twice if the wrinkles are too much. Some people find it easy to iron the yoke by buttoning up the collar. Place one sleeve along the length of the board with the front side up and iron the inside and the outside area at the end first. Then iron from the cuff towards the shoulder, and again move the iron down to the cuff. Similarly, iron the back side of the sleeve as well. The same method of ironing has to be repeated for the other sleeve.

The easiest part of ironing a shirt is to iron its body. Lay out the front panels and begin ironing one panel from the area near the collar and go up to the seams. If the shirt has got a pocket, then it should be ironed first. Once you are done with the main section of both the front panels, use the tip of the iron to work on the areas that lie in between the buttons. Next is the back part of the shirt. Turn the shirt over and spread it completely and then iron. It will be easier if you divide the back part into two halves, and iron each half at a time.

Make sure that the iron is heated properly. It is important because if the temperature is too low then the wrinkles will stay on the shirt whereas too much of heat will ruin the shirt with scorch marks. Do not go for a tea break in between ironing a shirt or else ugly burn marks are bound to appear on the shirt. After ironing, hang or fold the shirt properly, to prevent wrinkles from forming again. Button shirt when you place it on the hanger, or while folding, to maintain the shape of the shirt.

without heels and glide through the mansion

You would wish you were a wealthy foreigner when shopping at Ralph Lauren Polo store or a Countess somewhere who has the money to spend. A year ago Polo Ralph Lauren opened a one of a kind store however, you are not meant to at it. Believe it or not, it is a four story mansion that is complete with high-end jewelry, custom woen’t suiting and the brand’s first foray into lingerie which is considered to be the company’s largest and most elegant women’s store yet. I guess this is definitely now your typical polo store as it caters to women with great tastes when it comes to what to wear in the bedroom or what sparkling accessory to wear on a certain occasion.

2015 Polo Ralph Lauren Canada|Ralph Lauren&Reg; 70% OFF

It simply makes us crave Ralph Lauren’s wares at places such as Macy’s and Lord & Taylor all the more, but I guess that was their point.

According to Lauren himself, the presence of independent stores helps to increase sales at department stores carrying product with “attainable price points”.

Commercial real estate firm PBS and Polo Ralph Lauren have also said clearly that the store was meant to attract tourists and at the men’s mansion that was across the street. I guess we people of poor stature should just be buying at a Polo store to get khakis and polo shirts.

In his belief, Lauren said that “tourists come (to big cities) wanting to buy souvenirs” which seems to be obvious since the mansion was filled with gift-ideas especially for the women. Sparkling accessories like jewelry are laid out on the ground floor, not to mention handbags and other items that women would love to have but I’m sure a trip to the mansion would be enough.

The second floor has runway-based clothing to fill a cheery woman’s wardrobe while on the third floor there are sportswears.

So what’s on the fourth floor? Well if you are on a trip to peek around go straight to the fourth level as you will see it arranged as a faux apartment complete with a living room, pace settings and home goods.

This is definitely the best polo store that Ralph Lauren has. Whether you are a tourist or notFree Web Content, who wouldn’t be enticed to take a peek and maybe enjoy a day of window shopping at this place?

So why not put on you favorite pair of shoes with or without heels and glide through the mansion?